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  Why Polish Concrete?      

Lose those slabs of gray.  Polished concrete is one of the fastest growing trends in residential, commercial, and industrial flooring.  Architects, designers and end users alike are realizing the ease and minimal expense involved in polishing existing concrete surfaces.

Our design options range in texture, color and pattern, making it just as easy to choose a unique style as it is with any other type of flooring.

Going green is the most economical, environmentally  responsible solution.  In the development of our polishing process, we have been intelligent and sensitive when it comes to minimizing impact to the planet.


  Economic Benefits

  • Facilitates LEED accreditation

  • Reduces heating and cooling costs with increased thermal mass

  • Reduces energy use by increasing ambient light reflection


  • Lower initial cost compared to traditional floor coverings
  • Long life cycle
  • One time application with minimal maintenance


  • Extreme durability resists scratching and scuffs
  • Resists stains and dirt entrapment
  • Long-term shine and gloss
  • Remains exceptionally clean
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